Sho’ Biz Intelligence Collectives is founded on three core values:

I. Data-Driven Support System

At Sho’ Biz Intelligence Collectives, we are the catalyst of informed business decisions. Our data-driven support system equips businesses with insights derived from precise analytics and intelligent data interpretation. We believe in the immense potential of data, enabling our partners to not only understand their present but also chart their path to a successful future.

II. Efficient Business Modeling

Our core value revolves around creating efficient business models that provide a framework for success. Sho’ Biz Intelligence Collectives is dedicated to streamlining operations, reducing incompetent factors, and optimizing processes. We aim to help businesses operate at peak efficiency while remaining adaptable and prepared to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of the business landscape.

III. Goal-Oriented Planning

Sho’ Biz Intelligence Collectives is committed to strategic planning based on well-defined objectives. Collaborating with businesses, we establish scalable and achievable goals and develop strategic plans to attain them. We believe that success is built on purposeful planning and sustained focus. Our vision is guided by the creation of a roadmap that leads businesses toward their aspirations.


Our comprehensive range of services encompasses strategic planning, market research, financial analysis, and operational optimization. We firmly believe that informed decisions are the foundation of success. That’s why our data-driven approach ensures that you have access to accurate and up-to-date information, empowering you to make the best choices for your business.

We go beyond mere information provision. Our dedicated team of experienced consultants is committed to understanding your unique requirements, business goals, and objectives. Working closely with you, we develop customized strategies that drive growth, efficiency, and profitability.

As a collective of experts, we bring together diverse skill sets and industry knowledge to deliver integrated solutions. Whether you require assistance with market entry, process improvement, technology implementation, or talent management, our holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your business is addressed cohesively and efficiently.

Building long-term partnerships is our priority at Sho’ Biz Intelligence Collectives. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, delivering timely insights, and offering ongoing support to help you navigate the ever-changing business landscape. By embracing our one-stop shop approach, you can rely on us as your trusted advisor and partner, saving valuable time and resources while maximizing your business potential.

Let us be your guide to success in today’s competitive business world. Contact us at Sho’ Biz Intelligence Collectives and discover how our data-driven, holistic solutions can transform your business.

Shokolatte "Sho'" Tachikawa, MBA/MSc

Founder. Data Analyst. Driven by the core values of quantification and economical efficiency, Sho' channels her passion into innovative problem-solving, especially in under-represented domains. Believes in the power of synergy + giving back to the community, which contributed to her growth. An MBA and an MSc in Data Analysis & Visualization coupled with diverse professional experiences, from fast-paced global corporations to accommodating Airbnb guests, to bartending. Committed to supporting businesses with her disruptive approaches.

Sho' is a self-proclaimed 'certificate freak,' boasting nearly 150 technical skill certificates collected since the pandemic quarantine. She's also an avid admirer of hip-hop music and culture, and a strategic diagonal walker.

Charlyn Jordon, MBA

Founder of Jordon Ventures Inc. Fueled by her passion for athletics and business, Charlyn embodies an unwavering dedication to creating equitable opportunities for young people to engage in sports, self-expression, and catalyze positive change. With over a decade of consulting experience, she fosters the growth of entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses. Her areas of expertise include financial services, operations management, fundraising, and event planning.

Charlyn is a former collegiate soccer player and graduate with a degree in Financial Economics from Medgar Evers College. Earned her MBA from Long Island University, and aspires to pursue a PhD in Business Administration/Finance.


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